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10 Back to School Hacks and DIYs

Summer is over and now you have to go back to school. I know, it’s a terrible feeling. It feels so good sometime not doing anything than just sit and think. But this can’t last long so at leas you could use some stuff at school that improves your mood.

I though you may like this 10 Bac to School Hacks and DIYs and I’m going to tell what it all about in this video tutorial. It doesn’t take you much time to do it, the hacks are pretty cool and fun and you can try them with your best friend.

Instead of using those boring, simple paper clips buy some colored ones and bend them until you obtain these cute little hearts. So sweet and chic! You can improve you phone case to make great selfies or to watch videos with your friends, by gluing a cute draw handle on the back of your phone case.  The main thing you would need when you start doing you thing is the glue gun. It’s very helpful, so if you don’t have one, go buy it.  It’s good to add some color in your life to make school a better place. You have the key to your happiness! Enjoy the video and good luck at school!

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