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10 Simple Nail Hacks Everyone Should Know!

A beautiful manicure has a major role in getting a neat aspect of hands. Many women have experienced that moment when they rush to a meeting and the nail polish is not dry yet.  You get angry and do not know what to do.

If you are in a situation when you have to leave the house soon and your nails are not dry yet and you don’t have handy any cosmetic product, try the tricks presented in the video below.  An improper diet or stress can often lead to nail torn in half. Which will give you big headaches when it comes to manicure because you have to cut the nail and, with it, the other sisters. Thanks to this video you will learn how to fix a broken nail using just super glue and a tea bag.

Applying a layer of white lacquer base, before applying the color, can make a huge difference in intensity of tone. This trick will help you especially if you opt for a shade fluo.
We like to wear (in some circumstances) shiny polish or textured sand. But the bad thing is that when you get tired of glitter, it’s very difficult to remove it. Not anymore! Here is how to get rid of that:

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