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15 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is the most special time of year. It’s about family, friends, Christmas decorations, dinners and gifts! This year alone you can create various decorations for the Christmas period. Whether you do it by yourself or with your family, we provide 15 ideas and creative designs easy to do. Some of the decorations below can be made in less than an hour. Share!15 Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments
1. Snowmen from bottle caps.
You don’t need special talent to make this. Just some bottles caps and paint.1
2. Glass globes painted and simply decorated.
Use nail polish, glue, sparkle and what else you like.2
3. Recyclable CD.
Just cut a cd into small pieces and glue them on the surface of globes.3
4. You can make your own air balloons
Turn a globe into an air balloon, simply and creative.4
5. Colorful Christmas trees made from pasta.
I love this idea. It is super cute easy to make and the result is fantastic.5
6. Straw tree decorations
Take some straws and follow the instructions until you reach the result.6
7. Christmas tree made from books
If you don’t want to buy a Christmas tree or if you are a book lover, make a Christmas tree from books and decorate it with lights.7
8. Snowman made from plastic cups
Take some white plastic cups and start building a snowman. The result it’s really nice.8
9. Christmas Tree made of fruits.
Put a Christmas tree on the table as a dessert. Made of fruits of course. Even if no one would eat the fruits, it will be a beautiful natural decoration9
10. Snowman painted on a wine glass, lightened inside.
Take an empty wine glass, paint a snowman on it and put some lights inside.10

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