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3 Ways to DIY Lipstick out of FRUITS, CRAYONS & EYESHADOWS

Did you know that a woman swallows, over the life between 2 and 5 kg of lipstick? And that nearly half of lipsticks contain substances that can cause cancer? Now you think twice before putting on your lips this cosmetic product, right? Why do not you prepare at home, your own lipstick? It’s very simple!

I ran into this video that teaches us how to make our favorite shade of lipstick using 3 different methods. Choose the one that suits you best.

You can make your own lipstick in the color that you want! You just need some coconut oil and wax crayons in the desired shades. To make your own lipstick you need only coconut oil, wax crayons, a large pot, heat-resistant bowl and a container in which you put the mixture.
You can’t simply melt the wax pencils, because they will burn easily. So you should melt them in a bain-marie, but only after you have melted coconut oil before (cold it becomes solid). For each 2.5 centimeters waxy pencil you need half a teaspoon of coconut oil. Once melted and thoroughly mixed, pour them into the container and all you have to do is wait until  they cool down. It’s not complicated and I’m telling you, you are going to be proud of your work.

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