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Best Potty Training Tips

One of the most important steps of childhood, both for you and for your kid is the potty training step. As a parent, you consider this moment the end of a turbulent period in which you change dozens nappies a day, so it is therefore a cause for great joy. The child, however, is not as enthusiastic about this change as you so we have to adopt a very well planned strategy to have long expected results in the shortest time.Best Potty Training Tips

1. Make sure you have chosen the best potty: this should be primarily comfortable, but necessary to draw attention in a pleasant way. Find a potty in various animal shapes or a musical potty. You can look for the frog shape a spinning yellow windmill that will attract his attention to keep it spinning.1

2. Familiarize your child with potty: leave him to explore, observe, to sit on it and to find a comfortable position.

3. The area where you place the potty is also important: keep it in a place where your kid can get to it easier, if necessary. One can sit in his room, in the kitchen, hallway or even in the garden, depending on the activities they have throughout the day.

4. Play with your child: How? Put it on it to start once a day, but dressed. You’ll form thus a habit. It is important to let him alone to accommodate with potty to sit and stand when he desires. Place the potty over the toilet and le the kid draw on the lid while pooping.1
5. Undressing: when you see that your child goes and sits alone on its own initiative on the potty is the ideal time to make him lose his trousers.

6. If your kid has pooped in diapers, do it so that he can see when you put the poop from the diaper in the potty, then throw it down the toilet and flush. Explain why every time you throw the toilet.

7. With patience you can cross the sea: it is very important that you as a parent, have great patience with these operations until the child will accept them.You can use blue food coloring in the water so when he pees it will turn green. 2

8. Another tip is to use coffee filter in the potty to clean it faster.

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