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Raised Dog Feeding Station

If you love your pet so much that you want it to have his own feeding station, or you’re just a convenient guy but who likes order and to have everything handy, here is the best solution for you and your pet. This DIY Dog Feeding Station will allow you …

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DIY Liquid Phone Case

If you’ve always wanted a mobile phone case with which to impress your friends, well, here it is time.You will not have to spend money on it, you’ll just transform the old one into a new and cool, liquid one. It only takes a few minutes and you don’t need …

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DIY Lava Lamp Pen

How many times haven’t you wished for a super cool pen? How many times have you taken your fellow pen and you have not returned it? Yeah, yeah we all know the answer. This time, be you the one with the coolest pen!Here we are going to show you how …

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DIY Light up shoes

You’ve definitely seen those light up shoes on social networks (Hayley Williams). Their price is not affordable for everyone. Or maybe you want some sneakers with colors that no one else has them. In the video below you can see another shoe DIY, which is also fun and leads to …

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DIY Glitter Accent Bowl

Do you love sparkle, or better said are you obsessed with sparkling objects? I must confess that some of them don’t look so good, but some of them look amazing.  They look so glamorous giving you a feeling of luxury when you look at them. Today I found a tutorial …

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Valentine’s Day String Heart Craft Tutorial

If you’re one of those people who like to decorate their room /home regardless of celebration, today I have prepared  you a Valentine’s Day craft. It’s going to be a Valentine’s heart. You will need a candy tray, embroidery floss, liquid starch, a clear glue – not a hot glue …

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