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How to lighten dark lips naturally

Hey, girls! Today I want to present you a tutorial about how to lighten dark lips using natural ingredients that you have in your kitchen. It’s very simple to do, it takes only 5 minutes and you’ll definitely love the result!

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How to lighten dark underarms naturally

Now that is summer time, we expose are skin very much in society. And that’s normal due to high temperature from outside. What is not normal and unpleasant are those hairy armpits, smelly armpits, or dark underarms that can make you look like a person with a bad hygiene.

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How to FAKE Big Lips!! Lip Contouring

Everyone wants Angelina’s lips. But what if you’re not born with fuller lips or don’t want to appeal to plastic surgery? Well, here is the solution: the lip contouring that will make your lips look fuller. Forget about Kylie Jenner’s method that can bruise your mouth area and make you …

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DIY Lipstick Out Of Bubble Gum!

Do you want a new lipstick? What color do you want? If you didn’t find the right color, create it! How?  Just buy some bubble gum, food coloring and cosmetic Vaseline. The food coloring will give the color of the lipstick choose it carefully.

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How To Have Natural White Teeth in 3 minutes

Who wants yellow teeth? No one. Everyone is desperate to find a great method to whiten their teeth without spending too much money or without involving chemical substances. I found this tutorial on the internet and I chose to promote it because it seems to work and involves only natural …

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DIY Lipstick Made Out Of Crayons

How many times did you seek for a certain lipstick shade and you couldn’t find it. Or maybe you’re into homemade cosmetics and you want to try make-up products, also. That’s the reason why today I stopped on this great tutorial.  Well, to make your own cool lipstick you will …

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