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How To: Clean Makeup Brushes | Easiest & Cheapest Way!

Cleaning your makeup brushes is very important in your daily beauty routine. A loaded brush with blush or foundation can ruin your makeup and may favor acne, due to the accumulation of impurities and bacteria.

To avoid this unpleasant situation, it is advisable to clean the brushes before other use and wash them once a week. I found a great tutorial that you can extend the life of the brush.

To clean your makeup brushes you will need a little mild shampoo formula. Hold the brush under running warm water until the product tenders. Hold the brush with the hair down for an efficient cleaning. Apply shampoo on the hair and massage gently until it foams, just as you see in the tutorial. Rinse the brush under running water to eliminate all foam and the water remains clear. Dab the brush with a clean dry towel and then let it dry naturally in a place free from dust, horizontally. If you do not use your makeup brushes daily, it is recommended to clean them before the next use. To remove the makeup particles, use a clean, dry tissue. Dab the tip of the brush on the tissue, using a circular motion, until you notice that no color remains.

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