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Creative Ways to Recycle Bottle Caps

Whether you have a refreshing drink after a long day at work or a beer with friends, the metal caps can be found at many of beverages. Colorful and different sizes, they can be amazing and creative decorative items for home. They may establish and ideas to be realized with the little ones. You can easily recycle bottles and there are many articles that teach you how to do that, but have you ever thought that you can reuse also the metal caps? In the following article you will find ideas for decorations, useful objects such as curtains or gifts that you can achieve for your loved ones.Creative Ways to Recycle Bottle Caps
1. Bottle Cap Snowmen Ornaments
Now that Holidays are coming you can make some cute ornaments for your house. I think it’s a cute Christmas decoration and very easy to make.1
2. Bug Magnets
These bugs are super cute and you can have a lot of fun making them with your kid.2
3. Globe Key Chain
This is so cool and perfect for a man as a gift: your boyfriend, father, close friend, etc.3
4. Bottle Cap Table
You can find the table at Ikea and you can style it in a cool way using the bottle caps. It takes some labor and time but the result it’s worth it.4
5. State Art
Add some color in your room with this cool state art. Feel free to mix the colors as you want.5
6. Coasters
Arrange them according to your preferences and glue them together. And you’re done!1
7. Jumbo Letter
Decorate your room with a letter made of colored bottle caps.6
8. Garden Art
If you love gardening you should try this craft.8
9. Picture Frames
Make a colored frame for your photo and put pictures with friends in there.9
10. Wind Chime
Add a relaxing touch your terrace or garden. Be careful how you mix the color to obtain something cute not kitschy.10
Booklovers will love these. Nothing is greater than a handmade bookmark. The hard part is where you have to draw inside.11
12. Necklaces
Yes, necklaces for your kid not for you. Place his/her favorite character inside and make some for her/his friends also.12
13. Man Cave Sign
This is a great decoration for a man’s room.13
14. Flower Craft
A nice idea for Mother’s gift. Very easy to make, cheap and fast.14
15. Earrings
You can match the necklace that I mentioned above with some earrings.15
16. Cool clock
If you have bottle caps of the same color, you can make a cool clock for your room. It’s very manly and creative.16
17. Flower Magnets
Make some magnets with the pictures of your loved ones and place them on the refrigerator. It will be a lovely and cool memory.17

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