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D.I.Y. Flower Crown Tutorial

I bet you have seen on Instagram those fashion girls with flower crowns on their head and wonder where did they buy those things? Yes it looks good with the right outfit, but if you want a cheaper version use snapchat! Just kidding!

If you want a cheaper and original version: make your own flower crown, in this way you can choose whatever colors you like and you can make plenty of crowns as gifts for your friends or to sell them.

If you love crafting, you will love this tutorial. But I must warn you that it requires some time and sewing skills. But I think it’s worth it, because in this way you will avoid an embarrassing moment where you can meet a girl who wears the same flower crown as yours. If you don’t have sewing skills, don’t worry because this tutorial shows you how to sew the flower step by step. I personally love the final result and I encourage you to make your own flower crown. Here is the video tutorial:

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D.I.Y. Flower Crown Tutorial

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