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DIY Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas

Baby shower is a moment that needs special celebration next to the loved ones. Besides the photos you can preserve this memory by resorting to a great, unique quest-book. The standard ones are old fashion and not so special. That’s why you should try to be creative and personalize it your way. It will give a fresh touch to your party and I bet your guests will love it too.DIY Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas

DIY Balloon Elephant Baby Shower Guest Book

This has to be pink, because pink is the color of curtness and love. It’s very easy to make and doesn’t require much time. You will need colorful card stock, scissors, 3D foam tape squares and a 1.5″ hole punch. Print the guest book on white card stock and punch small pink circles using the hole punch. Those will be the balloons and now all you need to do is you have to tape them.1a

Various Animals Templates Guest Book

If you love animals and your guests also just draw cute animal templates and ask your guests to write down their messages on them. You can place them on a table with some colorful crayons next to them and after that you can hang the cute animals with ribbons for display. Or you can stash them on a box.1

Midnight Messages For New Mommies

For this idea you will need a pack of diapers and some permanent markers. Ask your guests to write down their feelings. After that place the diapers in rows in a box. This idea seems great for me because, when you will wake up at night because your baby is crying you won’t feel so stressed anymore because you will see the loving messages from the diapers.2

Note Cards in a Frame

Now this is something you don’t see every day. Use baby onesies templates. For a classy appearance use only soft colors: white, pink, and gray. Hang them on the strings using pegs. If you feel the need to tape the strips along the sides do it. In a glass bowl place the clothespins.3

Wooden Initial Guest Books

Make some great wooden initial, paint them in pastel hues and arrange them on a table with the markers. It’s a great way for you guests to show their feelings and well-wishes for your baby.4

Baby Button Initial

If you already have decided your baby name it’s time to get to work. Create a monogram of your baby’s initial with various shapes and colors of buttons. Once it’s done frame it and let the people wish their best for you and your family.5

Alphabet Scrapbook for Baby Showers

For this idea you will have to buy a basic drawing book and some crayons and a wooden slate. Tis will be sign of love and lesson. It’s something simple and creative.6

Onesie Sign In

If you don’t like the guest book ideas simply resort to an onesie instead of it. It’s cheap easy and fun. All you need for this idea are: sharpie makers, a digital craft cutter and a white newborn onesie. Don’t forget to place a cardstock piece on the inside.7

Block Sign In Book

This means that every block the guests will leave their initials. Prepare various colors of sharpie markers and blocks. These tiny reminders will be priceless, later.8

Children’s Book

Create a sign in note and place it next to the book. I think this will be a lovely memory, years later and your baby will be thankful too.9

Duck Theme

This is one of the cutest ideas. It’s very simple to do. It’s very interactive and artistic at the same time because your guests will have to leave their thumbprints on the white cardstock and their name under. I recommend you to use blue print. It will be a priceless memory.10

Baby Bib Sign In

Bibs are lovely and if you personalize them, they will be cutest. It’s a very simple and chic idea and they will look great at the party’ entrance.11

Nautical Theme

It’s a symbolic “Welcome Aboard”. The beginning of the new journey for the baby. Life as a journey. Prepare some blue markers and ask your friends to write their wishes using a blue marker. Once done, keep in the nursery as a memory.12


Yes all you need are a globe and some permanent markers. A big one if you have lots of guests. It will be fun to turn it round and round and read the messages.13

Thumb Prints on a Tree

Draw a tree as best as you can. Frame it and put it on the table next to different shades of blue color ink pads. The thumb prints left by your guests will be the leaves.14

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