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DIY Deodorant

If you know about the danger of using chemical deodorant and you’re looking for a natural alternative, you just found it!If you don’t know about the commercial deodorants, here are a few lines. Deodorants or antiperspirants have become everyday objects that we use to maintain our hygiene always fresh.

Because no one has noticed that these products can be harmful to health, manufacturers have begun to ignore the health and began using substances harmful to health. Most commercial deodorants are rich in salts of aluminum, which once entered into contact with the skin can cause various complications. Aluminum-based products are suspected to promote breast cancer, and spray deodorants favor asthma.

That’s why I chose to talk about this homemade deodorant. It’s vegan, 100% natural, efficient and smells really good. This product has no antiperspirant action being completely free of antiperspirant agents. Being homemade, it doesn’t last long so you have to store it in a dark place and use it within a month. For proper use, I recommend you to store it in an empty roll-on bottle of a roll on that you have finished or to buy one online. As I said before, I think that homemade cosmetics are a great gift for the important women in our life.

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