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DIY: Easy Makeup Brush Holders!

All your home is tidy, but the make-up corner looks set by a 5 year old? It’s ok, although I’ve been there. Unfortunately, not only looks bad, but you lose more time when you do your make-up, because you never find what you need right away. Storing brushes is not hard, and today I prepared you a nice idea that you can use too. Moreover it doesn’t require too much time and it’s easy to do.

You will need a clean jar and paint and glitter. The process is presented in the video below. I find it quite simple and fun. So if you love your make-up products and you have your own beauty corner, you should add this personal touch. You can be as creative as you feel: add what every you feel it represents you. I made a few brush holders for my sister and my friends and they were very happy with them. Every girl needs this thing! Besides storing your make-up brushes well, don’t forget to clean them once a week their life and avoid acne. If you ask me, I would also recommend you not to borrow your make-up brushes. They are for personal use only!

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