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Along with lipstick, mascara is indispensable in your makeup kit. It’s the most seductive, and unruly element of a successful make-up. It was created in 1915 by chemist T. L. Williams, who noticed his sister mixing coal dust and Vaseline to highlight her eyelashes. Williams perfected and marketed as the Maybelline product (a combination of the name of his sister, Mabel, and Vaseline).

Now, if you changed you opinion about cosmetics on the market you can go back to the basics.  The main ingredient is the same: charcoal. You can add as much charcoal as you want, depending on the intensity of black you want to obtain. The mixture part is simple and doesn’t require expensive products. You will need: coconut oil, beeswax, aloe vera gel, activate charcoal. The container is a little bit more complicated to achieve but I’m sure that if you watch carefully the tutorial you are going to make it.

The formula is almost identical with the raw mascara recipe. Instead of using that toxic formula you should use this organic one, because it won’t damage your eyelashes. It will nourish them and help them grow thicker and stronger and you will see that your eyelashes won’t fall when you remove your make-up.

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