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DIY: Lace inset jeans

A touch of lace on denim jeans is all it takes to create an original look. Lace inserts are a popular denim DIY. For this project, you will need an old pair of jeans, a piece of lace or fabric, some sand paper, matching thread, a sewing machine, scissors, and iron on transfer paper. Make sure you mark where you want the lace to be on your jeans. Turn the leg inside out. Cut out the patch and sand the edges for a more natural look. Use this piece of fabric as a template for the lace.

Cut out the lace and a few strips of iron on paper. Turn your jeans inside out again. Position the lace on the marked spot and then cover it with paper. Iron on and let cool before you remove the paper. Use a zig zag stitch to sew the lace around the edges. Watch out for that sneaky pocket! Now you have a brand new pair of jeans that look great on you and fit perfectly.lace-jeans

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