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DIY Lava Lamp Pen

How many times haven’t you wished for a super cool pen? How many times have you taken your fellow pen and you have not returned it? Yeah, yeah we all know the answer. This time, be you the one with the coolest pen!Here we are going to show you how to transform your old boring pens in some super fun Lava Lamp Pens. They look super cool and are very easy to make.

First, assure yourself that you have handy pens with clear tubes. Because you are going to fill the tube with water, the pen’s ink must be protected. So close the small hole at the end of the pen using a hot glue gun or a small piece of clay. Proceeding this way the water won’t ruin the ink. For the lava lamp effect, pour a few drops of baby oil inside the tube. If you don’t have baby oil, use any type of oil, even the cooking oil works. The color will make the difference, so instead of a clear oil you will have a yellow, green, etc. color. Put the oil inside the clear tube. Make sure you don’t fill it! Nobody wants an oily notebook!

Take a small plastic container (a cup for example) and add some water. Then add 1-2 drops of food coloring, whatever color you prefer. Stir well. To put the water in the tube use a dropper. Make sure you don’t fill it because you will only need to fill half of the pen’s tube. Now, carefully put back the ink, and that’s it! You’re done!Enjoy your new, cool, lava lamp pens! We bet your colleagues/co-workers will be envious of your new supplies.For a more glamours effect, you can also add some glitter to the oil. It looks amazing!

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DIY Lava Lamp Pen

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