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DIY Lego table

Kids love lego, but they kind make a mess when it comes to playing with this pieces. Well, today I stopped at this tutorial that is about how to create a lego table. I know it sounds complicated but it is not! It is easy to make it only requires some patience, but the results it’s worth it. With this lego table all lego pieces will be in order.  You know how painful it’s to step on a lego piece, no? So let’s start doing it.

You will need

Paint Brush or small roller
Wood Board
Glue dots
Lego plate
3 standard drawer carts
Non slip shelf liner
Kitchen drawer organizer

1. Paint the board on both side and let it dry.If needed, apply a second coat, then let it dry.
2. Using plenty of glue dots, adhere the Lego plates to one side of the board.
3. Line up the cart and and cover the tops of the first and third units with the shelf liner. Set the board in place.
4. Label the drawers.If you like, use drawer organizer for special pieces.

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DIY Lego table

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