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DIY: Lemon, Honey, Sugar Scrub for Acne & Scar Removal

How can you not love homemade, natural cosmetics? I have tried a few of them and none failed me. Today I stopped at this tutorial that is teaching us how to make a scrub for acne and scar removal. I think everyone had acne, or an ugly pimple that left a scar. 

I confronted with acne for several years and lemon and honey helped me a lot to treat the suffering skin. To get rid of the source of you acne you might need to check if it’s bacterial cause or to completely change your diet.

To make this healing scrub you will need: lemons, honey, sugar, castor oil. Mix them all and it’s done! The quantities are found in the video tutorial. Once you get the mixture all you have to do it’s applying it on your skin.  The scar removal process is not a short one so you will have to be patient. All the ingredients above have miraculous properties and will help your skin regenerate. I know the feeling that you have when you look in the mirror and you have acne or acne scars. A beautiful skin will always make you feel clean and confident, that’s why you should start healing your skin now!

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DIy Lemon Honey Sugar Scrub for Acne & Scar Removal

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