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DIY Light up shoes

You’ve definitely seen those light up shoes on social networks (Hayley Williams). Their price is not affordable for everyone. Or maybe you want some sneakers with colors that no one else has them. In the video below you can see another shoe DIY, which is also fun and leads to a great result.

So, what you will need are: your favorite pair of shoes, duct tape, batteries, also batteries operated lights (you can find them online for a few dollars), optionally: fabric, foam- for extra comfort.  Once you got all you need, it will only take you 15-20 minutes to light up your shoes. You can use the lights for an event, concert or something else and the next day remove the lights and get back to your regular shoes. I think it’s super fun and easy to make and i hope you try! Feel free to add some pics with your work if you want!

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DIY Light up shoes

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