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DIY Lipstick Made Out Of Crayons

How many times did you seek for a certain lipstick shade and you couldn’t find it. Or maybe you’re into homemade cosmetics and you want to try make-up products, also. That’s the reason why today I stopped on this great tutorial.  Well, to make your own cool lipstick you will need: crayons, containers, pan and 2 small glass bowls and coconut oil.

As you can see you don’t need a lot of stuff and the preparation method is super simple. If you have a kid you can have some find with her. Nothing here can endanger here, while you are there, of course!

So, back to our thing. The process is very easy to do and it takes less than 10 minutes. Now you can have your favorite shade of red, pink, purple and why not black. I think this tutorial is very cool, plus the ingredients are very handy and cheap. Making your own lipstick will keep you away from those lipsticks full of chemicals.  I know you would say that those crayons are toxic, but they are not since they are specially designed for kids. So, relax! Try making your favorite shade of lipstick and let us see some cool lips down below. Enjoy!

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DIY Lipstick Made Out Of Crayons

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