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DIY Liquid Phone Case

If you’ve always wanted a mobile phone case with which to impress your friends, well, here it is time.You will not have to spend money on it, you’ll just transform the old one into a new and cool, liquid one. It only takes a few minutes and you don’t need too many things. Plus they are cheaper than a new mobile case.

Here is what you need: your phone case, glycerin, food, coloring, glitter, acetate sheets similar to cooking paper, parchment paper. In the video bellow you’ll see how it’s done. This phone case is so cool and you don’t see it on many people. Who knows maybe your friends are going to start liking it so much, that you will have to transform their phone cases too! Or start a small business.

I think it looks super cool and it’s a perfect accessory for any girl. Plus you can change the color whenever you want to match it with your outfit. Awesome, right?

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DIY Liquid Phone Case

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