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DIY: Makeup Brush! How to Make a Makeup Brush

Makeup is used as a beauty technique since antiquity. Whether it is a partial makeup, such as the eyes and lips or about one complex, made with professional products, there is a list of products and tools that you need to have.

In this category belong and makeup brushes. Brushes are something vital when putting on makeup, so the lack of a simple one can drastically affect you.  Makeup brushes are indispensable tools in the daily beauty routine. From those specially designed for applying eye shadow to concealer’s intended or lipstick, makeup brushes have different shapes and sizes, depending on the category they belong.

It would be ideal for them to be made of natural hair and you should be carefully to disinfect them after each use with either a solution for brushes or to be washed with shampoo and water ( in small amounts, followed by rinsing) and allowed to dry naturally on a napkin. There are quite expensive and those cheap are not great quality. So it would be easier if you could make your own make-up brushes. To do that you will need: a plier, a scissor, glue, pencil, natural hair and tweezers.  Where do you get the natural hair…is strictly your problem.

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