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DIY Makeup – Make Your Own All Natural & Organic Cosmetic Foundation Powder

Indispensable from your make-up kit, the face powder product sets foundation and concealer, ensuring you a successful makeup long time. Although many women know its aesthetic role in the art of makeup they often skip it because they think that their skin doesn’t need to be unnecessarily loaded with other chemicals.

The good news is there are natural alternative to this product: homemade face powder. Maybe you’ll be distrustful when I will tell you that you can prepare it yourself. The ingredients of this recipe are natural and are available commercially, so it would be a shame not to spoil your skin with a product made by yourself.

Its role is to set the make-up and you should always apply the concealer after foundation but before mascara, lipstick or pencil eyebrows, because these products are designed to shape the facial features and they do not have to look dusted. In the tutorial below you will learn how to create the right powder for you skin color, using only natural ingredients to avoid damaging your complexion. Be careful though not to put too much product on your skin because it will highlight your wrinkles instead of covering it. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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