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DIY Peel Off Makeup Tattoos!

Sometimes I just wish I could just peel of my makeup instead of cleansing it. It would be easier and I wouldn’t sleep with my make-up on. I know, bad habit. That’s why today I found a great tutorial that teaches us how to create peel of makeup tattoos. In the video is presented only the lips part, but you can try it on any face area you feel like.

Except the brows! It’s not a good idea to but the glue on the eyebrows and then to peel it off! So, if you want a great color on your lips mix the glue with the food coloring and apply it over your lips. Peel it off and you have a long lasting lipstick color resistant to transfer. Make sure that the glue you use it’s a non-toxic one because you don’t want to poison your body, and also make sure you’re not allergic to food coloring.

It is very fun to do and I recommend you to wear this kind of make-up outside only if you are a nonconformist. It is really tempting to try knowing that you’re going to have colored lips no matter what you do. I think I’m going to try it, what about you?

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