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DIY Stackable Square Knot/Cobra Stitch Bracelets

Great news! If you are on a low budget but still cannot kill those shopping instincts and you really want to wear some cool bracelets this summer, all you need to buy are the following: waxed cotton cord, scissors, tape, ruler, clear nail polish and start create your own cobra bracelets.

They are very easy to do, don’t require sewing or other complicated process, all you have to do is to knot.  You can choose whatever color you want or you can make plenty of bracelets on various colors and match them on your favorite outfits.  Or you can sell them and make some good money.

In the video below you will find the steps you have to follow to make a proper knot. It’s super simple and even a kid can do it. I personally love it and I find them very creative. You can make whatever adjustment you want to make sure it has your personal signature. I think it’s very cool to wear stuff that you create yourself, especially accessories that you don’t see every on people when walking on the street. I have great admiration for people who designs their own accessories. But enough talking and let’s start to make some cool bracelets:

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DIY Stackable Square Knot Cobra Stitch Bracelets

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