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DIY Velvet Tufted Bench

If you’re the kind of woman who likes to decorate her house with things created by her little hands, below we present a short video tutorial that will keep your hands busy next weekend. A bench is always needed, especially if we talk about a bench dressed in velvet, what color you prefer,  and which looks luxurious.

I’m telling you the result is amazing! You don’t need a man to create your fancy bench you’ll need a few men working tools.

It is very easy to do, very fun and I repeat, the result is amazing. All your friends will admire your luxurious bench, thinking that you probably have spent a fortune on it. Maybe who knows, they will ask you to do one for them! Here, in the video below are presented the tools you need and the steps you need to follow carefully to reach the final result.This velvet bench will change the entire look of your room. Amaze yourself, below!

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DIY Velvet Tufted Bench

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