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Easy Paper GIFT BAG

More and more often I ran into beautiful DIY tutorials  – and I want to share them with you. It is simply amazing what a girl can do with a little imagination. Recently, I discovered a very nice project: how to make your own gift pouches with only two ingredients: a colored sheet and liquid glue.

For decoration you will need a colored ribbon (shown is not to be in the same color of paper, but in a complementary one).

I know that there are thousands of trade patterns gift bags, each more beautiful than the other, smaller, bigger, stronger. I do not deny this, but we craft enthusiasts, those who always try to achieve with our little hands all sort of products, we have to learn to do our own gift bags. You can offer you handmade gifts in your handmade gift bag. Because you don’t see that every day. You can use whatever colors you feel like and you can add whatever type of ribbon think it represents you. You can add even a bought ribbon what’s important is the result. I would also add a personal touch, by writing something personal on it, something that connects me with the person whom I’m offer the gift.

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Easy Paper  GIFT BAG

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