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Fun Ways To Recycle Plastic Bottles

When you’re a mother, you devote most of your time to your child. But you must not forget that at least from time to time you should do things that make you happy. If you can combine the “career” with being a mother, you’ve found the ideal combination. I thought I should give you 30 creative ideas to reuse plastic bottles in an interesting and pleasant way. You can do this either alone or together with your child. Color, creativity, pampering. So you can “crochet” days or you can paint in different colors literally and figuratively. There are simple things that if you know how to enjoy them you will be happier. For example, reusing plastic bottles. How many times you wanted them to just disappear? But we tell you that you can use them in a pleasant way. How? Let’s discover together.Fun Ways To Recycle Plastic Bottles-bottles
1. A splash of color at home.
If you have some time available and too many plastic bottles, then you can turn into decorative objects. You can do this with your child. Thus you will learn colors, will entertain, and the house will look much better.1
2. Pots of plastic bottles
Do you love plants and have too many? Then you could do your ingenious pots from plastic bottles. Moreover, you could ask your kid to help and you can spend time together and at the end your plants will have a new “home”.2
3. Jewelry holder
With a few plastic bottles only you can create a beautiful and ingenious jewelry holder. So you save money and you’ll remember that you, as a woman you have to wear jewelry, and not to leave them thrown through the house, because the little one loves to play with them.3
4. Summer Rain
Do you love your garden and you want to see it green and flourishing? But also your child always wants to go to the pool or beach and you do not have time to go with him? Solve both things at once! A plastic bottle could solve everything. Thus, you will have beautiful garden, and your child will be cool.4
5. Your newspaper and his pencils
If you want to make time to read the newspaper, you will also need a place to put it after you finish browsed. And your child definitely needs a support for all the crayons and markers. In addition, you can make a candle holder or a new vase. Solve problems quickly!5
6. Change something in your home!
With plastic bottles you can do many things. But have you ever thought about doing a sort of chandelier? Or some curtains? Well, we’ve thought!6
7. Paint your own artwork!
Leave aside the brush, and paint your own work! Show your kid how to paint and play together. When he grows up you’ll be able to proudly show what you’ve done together.7a
8. Do you love your car, but you don’t have time for it lately?
It’s time to take charge of it and of the parking!8
9. Do you miss reading a book in the evening?
Well, I suggest you to create your own lamp, so that you can read a few pages of your favorite book before bed. It will be very easy and even cheaper than you expected.9
10. Cute pots
Needlework is not just for children. With a little imagination you can turn the house into a very welcoming home. Also, you can surround your child to color and cartoon characters.10
11. Sustainable wallet
Wanna keep your money safe? We have an idea about how we can help. And we are sure that you have not thought about it until now!11
12. Help your son to reach the moon!
If he always talks about how bad he wants to fly and how they would like to have supernatural powers, know how you can fulfill his desire. Quick, easy and cheap!12-2
13. Do you need a new curtain? But you spent money on clothes for your baby? No worries. Soon you will have a new curtain!13a
14. The birds are important!
Teach your child since childhood that he needs to be alert to everything around him and it would be good to watch for birds, and animals. In some plastic bottles you can do wonderful things together for birds. Here’s an idea!14
15. Coin container
Teach your little one since an early age how to save money. Show him it’s important to know how to take care of the things we have now, because later he will need. So you can make a piggy bank from a plastic bottle.15

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