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Homemade Air Conditioner

If you can’t stand the heat outside and your air conditioner is not working or you don’t have such a thing, here a great tutorial of a homemade air conditioner. After watching this you will be grateful. If you are a girl, I doubt that you will try this, so you better call your boyfriend/husband/father.

You won’t need a lot of tools for this projects, I know it sounds complicated: homemade air conditioner, but it’s not. So, don’t panic. Also you shouldn’t expect to obtain a professional air conditioner, because you are going to use a bucket. Again, this is only an alternative solution that will refresh and cool your room. As far as I can see, the machine is really working and the room it’s getting cool.

I’ve been watching these Russian tutorials for a while and this guy amazes me every time. I really don’t know how he invents these things, but I am grateful. I have air conditioner at home, but I will try to make one homemade air conditioner for my country house. Also, if you are going to try this project, tell me if you made it and if it’s working. I’ll be watching this guy’s project and let you know what I think about his new projects.

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Homemade Air Conditioner

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