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How to glitter your shoes

If you have some heels or platforms that have marks on them, spots or scratches know that you can fashion them up! How? By glittering them. The tutorial it’s very simple and doesn’t require a lot of time.

To do that you will need: – glitter (any color), shoes (any old or new pair of shoes you want to glitterfy!), permanent fabric glue, a sponge tip paintbrush, hairspray or spray-on-glue. The materials are not expensive but make sure you use quality glue. I also recommend you to use a glitter of the same color as the shoes because the result will look more natural. I personally love the result, glitter shoes are my favorite when it comes to attending a party at night! Yes, at night, my advice it’s to wear them only at night because during daytime I think it’s too much and it can ruin your whole outfit. Besides it’s looks kitschy because it’s sparkling too much due to sun light.

I love this tutorial because I had a pair of shoes that I really liked and cost me a fortune and I scratched them and couldn’t wear them anymore, but the glitter saved my shoes! I think that glitter shoes are the perfect accessory for a dress. Always remember that less is more. So, go on buy those materials, follow the tutorial below and show us how you have transformed your old shoes into new fashionable ones.

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How to glitter your shoes

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