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How To Increase Your Car Remote Distance

Do you want to increase your car remote control range? I found this tutorial and I think it’s awesome because it helps locate your car in a parking lot or to lock your car if you’ve forgotten and walked away. It’s pretty simple to do and will make your life easier.

 All you have to do is take your remote of your keychain and with a screwdriver, gently pry apart the case while trying not to mangle it all up. After you’ve done that smoothly, locate the antenna – a small round or small square flat surface, and with a sandpaper gently rub the surface of the antenna. After you’ve done take a little piece of wire and trim back a small portion of the isolation. Form the wire in a loop. I would highly recommend using a length of wire that matches the wavelength of the remote.

Solder  that in under the top of the transmitter, making sure that the wire fits in and won’t come in contact with anything.  Also be careful because, soldering can damage it with too much heat. Once you’ve finished this part all you have to do is to close the remote up and go test your remote.

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How To Increase Your Car Remote Distance

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