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How to lighten dark lips naturally

Hey, girls! Today I want to present you a tutorial about how to lighten dark lips using natural ingredients that you have in your kitchen. It’s very simple to do, it takes only 5 minutes and you’ll definitely love the result!

To start the treatment you will need: a bowl, a teaspoon of honey, three small teaspoons of brown sugar or regular sugar if you don’t have brown sugar. Mix these two ingredients until they are well combined and have a good consistency. Now you’ll need half a teaspoon of lemon juice.  The sugar will gently exfoliate the lips, removing the dead skin while the honey will soften, heal and perfectly hydrate them. And yes, as you well know from all my post tutorials, the lemon is the lightening agent.

Maybe you’re wondering you should do that? Well, let me tell you why: lipstick looks perfect only on exfoliated lips and stays longer. Hydrated lips are more appetizing and kissable. Ask any man. And last but not least, lighten lips will make create the appearance of full lips and the color that you like of a lipstick will be more strident.  More information and how to make the treatment, you will find in the video below:

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How to lighten dark lips naturally

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