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How to lighten dark underarms naturally

Now that is summer time, we expose are skin very much in society. And that’s normal due to high temperature from outside. What is not normal and unpleasant are those hairy armpits, smelly armpits, or dark underarms that can make you look like a person with a bad hygiene.

If you want to avoid that from happening, for the first issue the solution is simple: wax your armpits every 1-2 weeks or shave it 1-3 days. The girl in the video below uses tweezers but who has time for that?  Wash yourself daily and use deodorant. It’s a sign that you respect yourself and the others around you.

Now, how can you get rid of those dark underarms?  Well, it’s really simple. All you have to is grab a lemon, yellow or green and cut in half. Then using a paper towel, fold it u and squeeze the juice of the lemon on it. Now gently massage your underarm with this we towel. The lemon is a great whitening agent and works as a natural deodorant also. To exfoliate your underarm you will need: the other half of the lemon, sugar and honey. Mix one tablespoon of each and use that mixture on your underarms. Use it once a week for great results!

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How to lighten dark underarms naturally

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