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Magic Wallet – Tutorial

Check out this! It’s really magic, you can’t tell how it works but it’s really tricky! Using this magic wallet you won’t lose your money. The bad thing is that you can’t put other things than money in it because it won’t sit.

But, this wallet is perfect for those short shopping sessions when all you need are money and your phone. Actually I think this wallet is perfect for a little girl. If you are a mommy you can make this magic wallet with your kid. This way you will make something very useful and creative and spend quality time with your daughter. The required materials are not expensive and you can choose whatever color you prefer.

The video below shows you step by step how you can create the magic wallet. It takes some time to do it and a little patience, but I’m sure that once you will make your first wallet you will make more. You can offer them as gift or sell them to close friends.  If you want, you can add an exterior pocket to your wallet to store your card. Watch the tutorial below to see what I am talking about. Till next time!

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