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How to Make a Flashlight using Plastic Bottles

If you are guy that likes to craft, I have something for you: I challenge you to make a flashlight out of plastic bottles. The steps are presented in the video below. I think this is also a great way to make your kid learn about electricity and if I was a teacher I would give this to kids as a home-school project.

Yes doing this it costs more than buying a mini-flashlight, but like I said this is only for those who love to see stuffs created by their own hands. It is a very interesting creative tutorial and not so simple, but if you are a passionate about physics you will find this tutorial piece of cake.

It’s very interesting how many objects you can create using things that you were about to dispose. Who would have known that you can create a flashlight using plastic bottles? If you are a parent and you want to teach your kid about recycling, this is a great lesson. He can use this flashlight on science project. Again, this is one of the most interesting recycling projects that I saw on the internet. If you give it a try, let us how it went!

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How to Make a Flashlight using Plastic Bottles

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