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How to make glowing water

This is a beautiful experiment that you can make with your friends or with your kids. It’s super-fast and very easy to make, because it only takes 2-3 minutes to do it and you will only need 3 things: light powder, distillated water and a transparent glass bowl. Mix water and the powder and voila that’s done!

You have made your first glowing water. If you see it yellow and it’s not glowing, don’t panic! That’s because you’re standing in a powerful light, the room must be darken.  Isn’t this awesome? I bet your friends/kids are going to love it!

It looks like a magic potion, like those you saw in the movies. It’s scary but at the same time amazing! If you’re hosting a party, you can fill various objects with glowing water to decorate the place. Just make sure your guests won’t drink it, because it’s poisonous. You can also try to make glow sticks using this magic water. Or if you have mini-electric fountain in your house, you can make some glowing water for it, turn it on and have an Alice in Wonderland moment.

I find this experiment pretty amazing, but I read that the glowing effect won’t last too much, so make sure you use it on the right time. Good luck!

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How to make glowing water

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