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How To Make An Illuminated Ping Pong Ball Lamp

Hey, guys! I saw this cool tutorial on the internet I couldn’t help to share it with you. It’s really, really cool and easy to make. For me, personally, my room is my temple, the area where I sit with myself and the objects that I have in there must represent me 100%. Fairy lights remind me of childhood, a very happy moment in every adult’s life.

So multicolored fairy lights are my option for this tutorial, but also the one color fairly lights, I think it make the lamp look very stylish and classy. If I wouldn’t know that it’s made out of ping-pong balls, I would think that it’s a very expensive and extravagant lamp.

I think it fits in any room and like I’ve said before it gives an extravagant accent. You don’t see lamps like that everywhere.  The tutorial is showing step by step all you have to and I think it’s very simple. I think, I’m going to make a lamp like that for every room of my house, and make I will make some for my friends, also. What do you think, would you try it? If you will, just make sure you use the LED type of fairy lights that don’t heat up and start a fire.

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How To Make An Illuminated Ping Pong Ball Lamp

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