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How to Make Your Shoes Waterproof

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes that you want to wear it during all seasons? I bet you have. Today I came across a video that shows us how to make our shoes waterproof. I find it really helpful because during summer, sometimes comes an unexpected storm and my sneakers go wet.

I followed the steps in the video and now I can wear my sneakers without any worry, because they stay dry.  All you need is a candle (not a colored one) and a hairdryer.  You just have to rub the candle on your shoes and make sure you don’t miss a spot and then heat the shoes with the hairdryer. And that’s all!

If you have a kid you can use this trick on his shoes and make sure he stays dry and warm and won’t get cold. I’m very grateful for this video and I wanted to share this trick with you because ever since I saw the video, I have transformed every pair of shoes into waterproof shoes. Use this trick with confidence because you are not going to ruin your shoes. It works and it’s really amazing. Go on and try and let me know what you think!

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How to Make Your Shoes Waterproof

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