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How To Make A T-Shirt Recycled Rug

Today I found a great tutorial that I think it’s worth sharing. The technique it’s quite simple but this project requires time. Instead of throwing away the old clothes that you don’t wear it anymore, turn them into something creative: a rug.

 A rug that you can put into your kids’ room to play on it and avoid an eventual cold. The more colorful and fluffy you will make it, the more they’re going to love it. Plus it can be washed in the washing machine without damaging it.

I know it looks hard to make but it’s quite simple. Like I told you before, it takes some time to make it but you will be proud of your work, in the end.  Be careful what colors you choose because I think that if you mix all colors in a chaotic way, the result it won’t be a great one. Or maybe it’s just my opinion, because I like symmetry. But, it’s your choice.  Here is the video tutorial that teaches you how to braid those shirt pieces to achieve the rug. Enjoy!

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How To Make A T-Shirt Recycled Rug

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