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How To Make A Top Hat, DIY Steampunk Fashion Pattern Tutorial

Worried about what character are you going to be this Halloween? No more worries. This tutorial shows you how to make a top hat, like one you saw in fantasy movies. It takes some times to do it, but is easy to make and the result it’s worth it. In the end you will be proud of your work.

 Making your own Halloween costume, it’s very cool and original because you avoid wearing the same costume as someone else and plus you save money because let’s face it, nice costumes aren’t cheap.

I like this hat because you can match it with both a sexy or casual outfit. It’s super chic and if you work carefully at details, like the guy in the video, the result is quit impressing. No one will know that it’s a handmade hat, because it looks as good as the ones that you buy from the stores. I hope I convinced you to start making your steampunk top hat and be the coolest person from the party. I would definitely make more for my friends and brothers and have some fun together. Don’t worry if you fail the first time, keep trying and you will so how much your work will improve.

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How To Make A Top Hat DIY Steampunk Fashion Pattern Tutorial

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