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NO SEW! Kawaii Makeup Bag

Hmm, did you buy too much make-up and don’t have enough space to storage it? No problem! Here is how you can save money for more cosmetic products and how to create as many candy makeup bags as you want. It’s very easy to do, require no sewing and takes a few minutes.

To create this sweet candy bag make sure you have all you need:  Felt fabric (8″X12″), Cotton fabric (14″X13″), Fabric glue or hot glue, Zipper (11″ length), Rainbow loom bands, Felt (Black, White & Pink), Scissors.

As I said there is no need to sew because you are going to use the glue. You can make plenty of these because it’s super easy to make and plus you can use all the colors you want. You can even make a few for you friends or sell them on the internet and make some money. If you think that it’s not suitable for cosmetics because they look kind of childish, you can use them as a pencil case. If you are a mommy you can create this with your little girl, or you are a teacher you can have some fun with your kids at school. Here is the video tutorial:

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