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Plastic bottle mouse trap

The house mice can create all sorts of problems. Starting from furniture damage to health and hygiene issues. On the Internet there are all sorts of remedies to get rid of mice, some natural and some toxics that can affect your family members, especially if there are children in the house.

From my own experience I can tell that natural methods do not work, only the toxic ones will remain. But today I stopped on a tutorial, which I find to be very useful, since you will only use a bottle to get rid of those uninvited guests.
The bottle traps help you to get rid of mice in a natural way, without hurting them or getting to touch them, directly. It is very easy to do and fun. Carefully follow the steps and make sure the trap is functional, otherwise the whole effort and patience will be in vain.

This a cheap and natural alternative solution to the toxic ones that exist on the market, and even with that the mice sometimes won’t die and still you can get sick. So, I encourage you to do this plastic bottle trap and share here your honest opinion about this alternative.

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Plastic bottle mouse trap

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