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Quick and easy DIY Spring scarf

Do you want a new scarf but you don’t have enough money to buy it, or do you want a unique scarf that no one has it? Today I found a great tutorial about how to transform an old lose cotton t-shrt into a cool spring scarf. As it says the title is very easy and quick to do. Just take that t-shirt that you don’t wear it anymore and start the transformation.

 To avoid a kitschy scarf I advise you to use a simple color t-shirt.

Simply cut it like in the video below and voila you have a new scarf! So simple! If you want to add some extra fringe that’s cool. Feel free to add any personal touch, I just gave you the main idea. In my opinion it looks good if you keep it simple. I always thought that less is more. It’s just my opinion. Scarf is always a great accessories that can beautify a girl’s outfit! Check the video below and let me see a picture with your new scarf!

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Quick and easy DIY Spring scarf

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