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Raised Dog Feeding Station

If you love your pet so much that you want it to have his own feeding station, or you’re just a convenient guy but who likes order and to have everything handy, here is the best solution for you and your pet. This DIY Dog Feeding Station will allow you to storage the food and keep everything clean and hygienic.

If you are a girl trying to do this, I’m telling you that you will need the help of your boyfriends because it’s not so easy to make and requires some men skills.
You can choose whatever color you want to fit your home decor. Also it has a power led that activates when the door is open, so you can feed your dog at night or early in the morning without having to disturb the ones around you. The tools you will need are: pocket hole jig, table Saw, drill, palm Sande, nail gun. For materials you need: plywood, urethane , stain, white latex Paint, pocket holes screw, limit switch, battery powered light with on and off switch. Once you get all this (you can order them online) you can start having fun. I think the feeding dog station looks great and is very practical.Watch the video below to see how to build it!

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Raised Dog Feeding Station l

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