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Sneaky Keyboard Hack

There are many keyboard hacks on the internet but today I want to present you a sneaky keyboard hack. I think it’s the most amazing keyboard hack I’ve seen.  Unless you are a geeky girl I don’t think you should try this hack because chances are high enough to destroy the keyboard.  If you’re the kind of guy who likes to undo appliances, I think you’ll love this tutorial.

You don’t need a lot of tools to do it, but the result is super cool and no one will suspect that there is your hideout.

I wouldn’t hide money in there because I have a large amount and wouldn’t fit there, but I would hide my passwords because I have different passwords for different accounts and there are high chances to forget them.  Before you start this you probably wonder if the keyboard will still function in that area where you make the cut? Well, yes if you respect the instructions precisely. After you make it you’ll be grateful. I am grateful because I have smaller cousins who like to walk through my stuff whenever they come to visit. I bet they won’t find
Good luck, I hope you enjoy the video:

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Sneaky Keyboard Hack

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