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Spring Butterflies

Are you looking to make a spring decoration? Or you just feel the need to decorate the curtains with something small but very beautiful at the same time? Well, let me tell you why you should try to make these cute spring butterflies. The butterfly is a powerful symbol in Chines Feng Shui e tradition, with the most powerful representation of the human spirit freedom, deprivation of barrages and felling of limitation.

The most common use is as a love healer, because is the symbol of loving relationships. Why this flying and not another one, because is paired best with the sensations perceived by those who are in love. But enough with its meaning and let’s talk about what you need for this tutorial: colored wrapping paper, thin wire, seed beads, scissors, pencil.

What’s coming up next is very easy to make and you can pass the task to your kids or if you don’t have any do it all by yourself. Draw the template presented on the wrapping paper and then cut it out using the scissor.  Now all you have to do is to fold it into a zig zag. Cut a little piece of that wire and fold it half and roll it at the middle of the folded butterfly. Thread a seed bead on each end of the wire. Now it’s time to fold the wire in half to form the antennas. Twist the wires for a better look and gently pull the wings of the butterfly. Use them to decorate whatever object you want!

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Spring Butterflies

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