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Best Potty Training Tips

One of the most important steps of childhood, both for you and for your kid is the potty training step. As a parent, you consider this moment the end of a turbulent period in which you change dozens nappies a day, so it is therefore a cause for great joy. …

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DIY Peel Off Makeup Tattoos!

Sometimes I just wish I could just peel of my makeup instead of cleansing it. It would be easier and I wouldn’t sleep with my make-up on. I know, bad habit. That’s why today I found a great tutorial that teaches us how to create peel of makeup tattoos. In …

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DIY Lipstick Out Of Bubble Gum!

Do you want a new lipstick? What color do you want? If you didn’t find the right color, create it! How?  Just buy some bubble gum, food coloring and cosmetic Vaseline. The food coloring will give the color of the lipstick choose it carefully.

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