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15 Fun Ways to Offer Money as a Gift

Offering money in a white envelope is old fashion. Why would you offer money as a gift you would think, first? Well, because you can’t find anything to buy for your loved one or you don’t want to go wrong with the gift or maybe that person needs money more …

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Magic Wallet – Tutorial

Check out this! It’s really magic, you can’t tell how it works but it’s really tricky! Using this magic wallet you won’t lose your money. The bad thing is that you can’t put other things than money in it because it won’t sit.

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Sneaky Keyboard Hack

There are many keyboard hacks on the internet but today I want to present you a sneaky keyboard hack. I think it’s the most amazing keyboard hack I’ve seen.  Unless you are a geeky girl I don’t think you should try this hack because chances are high enough to destroy …

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How to Make Baby Pants from a Tshirt

Do you have a kid? What about a T-shirt that you don’t wear? Your kid definitely is definitely going to love his new pair of pants. Today I chose to talk about how to transform an old t-shirt into a new pair of pants for your baby or toddler. Why …

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