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How To Make A T-Shirt Recycled Rug

Today I found a great tutorial that I think it’s worth sharing. The technique it’s quite simple but this project requires time. Instead of throwing away the old clothes that you don’t wear it anymore, turn them into something creative: a rug.

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Quick and easy DIY Spring scarf

Do you want a new scarf but you don’t have enough money to buy it, or do you want a unique scarf that no one has it? Today I found a great tutorial about how to transform an old lose cotton t-shrt into a cool spring scarf. As it says …

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How to Tie Dye a Yin Yang Design

If you are a person with spiritual beliefs, you will probably love this tutorial. It’s about how to tie dye a yin yang design. Why would you do that?  Why would wear that? Well, we all know yin and yang signs, and most of us know that has something to …

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How to Make Baby Pants from a Tshirt

Do you have a kid? What about a T-shirt that you don’t wear? Your kid definitely is definitely going to love his new pair of pants. Today I chose to talk about how to transform an old t-shirt into a new pair of pants for your baby or toddler. Why …

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