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DIY Maxi Skirt | No-Sew Tutorial

If you always dreamed of creating your own clothes, today I will talk about how you can transform a maxi dress into a maxi skirt without any knowledge of sewing. Yes that is possible and I love the result. It’s very easy to do and looks great, you can’t tell …

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How To Have Natural White Teeth in 3 minutes

Who wants yellow teeth? No one. Everyone is desperate to find a great method to whiten their teeth without spending too much money or without involving chemical substances. I found this tutorial on the internet and I chose to promote it because it seems to work and involves only natural …

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DIY Glitter Accent Bowl

Do you love sparkle, or better said are you obsessed with sparkling objects? I must confess that some of them don’t look so good, but some of them look amazing.  They look so glamorous giving you a feeling of luxury when you look at them. Today I found a tutorial …

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How to Tie Dye a Yin Yang Design

If you are a person with spiritual beliefs, you will probably love this tutorial. It’s about how to tie dye a yin yang design. Why would you do that?  Why would wear that? Well, we all know yin and yang signs, and most of us know that has something to …

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DIY Stackable Square Knot/Cobra Stitch Bracelets

Great news! If you are on a low budget but still cannot kill those shopping instincts and you really want to wear some cool bracelets this summer, all you need to buy are the following: waxed cotton cord, scissors, tape, ruler, clear nail polish and start create your own cobra …

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